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“Your growth strategies are valuable”

“Went through one of your growth letters. Very Nice explained. Great information.“

“The newsletter was pretty detailed and useful. Got to know something about Insta hashtags I never knew about”

“That's a growth bundle!! Awesome 👌👌”

“Real trustworthy information. Your newsletter is awesome”

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“How do I learn Growth Hacking?”

“How to use product-led growth?”

“Which channels should I focus on?”

“How do I optimize my strategies and processes for better returns?”

“How to use user feedback to build products people will use?”

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Growthletter is my newsletter where I share exclusive tips, strategies, case studies, resources, tools, and more for you to build and grow scalable revenue-generating products.

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“you are the founder of an early-stage startup”

“you want to learn growth hacking”

“you want to leverage product-led growth”

“you want to build scalable revenue-generating products”

“you want to optimize your growth strategies and processes”

“you want to learn how to implement out-of-the-box growth strategies”

“you want to better retain your customers on your app or website”

“you want to know unconventional means to grow your brand”

“you want to get more clients for your consulting business”

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About Me

I'm a data-driven growth marketing executive, product strategist, B2B SaaS marketer, and mentor to early-stage startups. I grow companies and help build scalable revenue-generating products.

I come from a technology background (Master of Engineering in Communication Systems from Bits Pilani). I learned how to build and market products that generate revenue through continuous experimentation. I am a two-time founder and now actively mentoring portfolio companies of 500 Startups and Newchip Accelerator.

My primary domain is growth (including product-led growth), but I don't hesitate in sharing my thoughts on product and business strategies.

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A Few of My Achievements

“Pioneered in raising $1.6m for imusify by executing the Bounty Program.”

“Increased Hackr.io's website traffic by 300% via Reddit in a week.”

“Grew Hackr.io's online presence via Social Media by 50% (made Java tweet about Hackr.io)”

“Grew Mirakee's Community (@writersnetwork on Instagram) from 0 to 69K in 9 months.”

“Signed up 3500+ early adopters for Mirakee's launch. Our app started trending on the Play Store the day we launched.”

“Collaborated with 1000+ influencers in the B2C space from around the World.”

“Onboarded 100+ writers on the Pinterest board "Writers of Mirakee".”

“My first startup saved 5 pets. (Know More)”

My Key Competencies

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