Growth Letter #4 - Quora

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This is my fourth growth letter and it sheds light on how to market your brand effectively using Quora. The tips and strategies shared in this growth letter are based on my experience with marketing brands on Quora.

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Quora Marketing Tips and Strategies

Quora can be a goldmine for you if you know how to use it well. Quora is much more than a platform for answering questions. I increased’s social traffic from 50% to 70% in a month using Quora.

Here’s what you should do on Quora:

Suggest Edits to High-Quality Answers

Find answers in your niche (with 20+ upvotes) where you would like to include your high-quality content. Before suggesting an edit, visit the author’s profile, follow them, upvote their another answer, and thank them for writing that answer.

Now, proceed with suggesting an edit. Click “Suggest Edits”

Here’s what you will see on your screen:

The trick is to correct spelling mistakes and improve grammar using the Grammarly plugin. Once the fixes have been done, include your content in the answer and press the “Suggest Edits” button.

You may also choose to fill in details about the suggested edits in the “Explain Your Suggestion” field. I usually don’t fill this field.

To improve conversion rates, suggest edits on answers that have been recently written as this indicates that the author could still be active on the platform.

Answering Quality Questions

Find questions relevant to your industry that ranks on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. For example:

You will notice that only results from showed up. Visit these questions and start answering. Don’t forget to have a look at the suggested questions on the sidebar.

Another way to find relevant questions to answer will be by visiting the relevant topic pages. Ex: for Instagram Marketing, here’s the topic page -

Here’s what Brian Jackson, the Chief Marketing Officer at Kinsta said about answering questions on Quora: “Answering questions on Quora takes time. Some people think ads are expensive. Purists will only claim content. But like anything, it depends. Twenty hours writing on Quora seems pretty damn expensive, too. The trick, especially for bootstrapped companies, is to determine where the time vs. money line is worth it.”

Posting Questions Anonymously

Post questions anonymously about your brand. Add relevant topics to it. Attach a link to the question. Here’s the pop-up that gets displayed on clicking “Add Question”. Select “Anonymous”.

Here’s the question I want to ask:

On clicking “Add Question”, you’ll see this page:

Click on “Edit Question & Source”.

Include the link and click “Update”. Now that the link is included in your question, let’s update the question topics. Open the question in a new tab/window. Click on the edit button.

Add or remove topics as per relevancy!

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